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Our History

Stockworth Academy History

Stockworth Academy History

In 2007, I started a program where instead of teaching business “concepts” to kids, I simply went “into business” with them. The idea was simple: teach entrepreneurialism the same way most people learn it, by doing it!

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Our Mission

Stockworth Academy Mission

Our Mission

At Stockworth Academy, our goal is to create financially-independent entrepreneurs through real-life experiences in business.

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The Book

Stockworth Academy Book

The Book

The Stockworth Academy book, titled "5 Conversations," covers the ideas that entrepreneurialism and your child's career begins at home. It is the parents' job to help create a financially-independent child.

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The Member

Membership in the Academy requires taking the 6 to 9 week boot camp in entrepreneurialism. We cover 5 main topics: Skills, Costs, Careers, Problem Solving and Life Mapping. Academy members will produce a business plan, start a company and work in real world settings. This is not a game or simulation.

The Mentor

Mentorship in the Academy requires that all Mentors coach at least one Member per year and assist the member while they are going through the Bootcamp. 

The Partner

Partnership in the Academy is achieve after being a Mentor and helping one Member get hired.

The Publisher

As a partner of Stockworth Academy, the change you have created in the world will be showcased through Stockworth Academy.  Your work will be published on our site.

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  • Mark Hayes and the Atlantic Academy helped me realize my passion for entrepreneurship. The program taught me how to properly set goals and that NOW was the time to work towards reaching those goals. I am in my second year of college at the University of Florida and feel as if I am 5 steps ahead of my peers within the business program, Mark Hayes and the Atlantic Academy are entirely responsible for that competitive edge.

    Carlo Candella, Atlantic Academy Graduate

  • Going through the Atlantic Academy program helped me realize that the career path I was considering would not support the lifestyle I desired. It assisted me in choosing a college and major better fitting to the life I want to live.

    Aaron Marshall, Atlantic Academy Graduate

  • I loved the Atlantic Academy! I've become a more efficient business owner and entrepreneur since going through the program.

    Ian Roth, Founder - Ian Roth Studios

  • I feel that the academy prepared me for college (and life in general) more than any job I had or class I took in high school.

    Ricky Davis, Atlantic Academy Mentor

  • I'm four weeks into the program and I already find my mentality shifting as I become more entrepreneurial every day.

    Stephen Jacinto, Current Atlantic Academy Member

  • The feeling I get while mentoring a new member is extremely rewarding. Seeing them develop as an entrepreneur is always a great journey!

    Christopher Welch, Atlantic Academy Mentor

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